Tips for using the Haskell markup converter

Basic Conversion

To convert a file from one type to another, you can provide either the -f/--from and -t/--to options to specify input and output formats:

pandoc -f markdown -t html

or you can specify an output document (with desired extension) using -o, and Pandoc will attempt to infer the correct conversion formats:

pandoc -o test.html

Pandoc Markdown

Note: list items with new block components (e.g. blockquotes, other lists, etc) where the list item text continues at the same level of indentation afterwards can be placed on the immediate next line, but leave an empty line before the link item text continues afterward. If an empty line is not left, then the block component will become part of the text of the list item without proper separation. If empty lines surround the block item, it will usually break the list and cause unwanted effects.


For Pandoc to recognize an image link as a full figure, it needs to be on its own line. If the image link is in-line with other text, it will be rendered using a regular <img> tag.