There is a ~5.6% house advantage on any bet placed (except for a basket bet, which you should never do). The primary means of control a player has over their game is the amount they’re willing to hedge each round i.e. how risky they’re willing to be in the short term.


  • Paroli: a three win positive progression system. A single unit is placed on a 1:1 odds bet e.g. red or black. On a win, the bet is doubled to two units, and remains a single unit on a loss. A loss at any point will reset the progression back to a single unit, or three consecutive wins resets the progression to a single unit. This is a relatively high hedge system that keeps the individual round net bet amount low.
  • Romanovsky: static system with large coverage. Place a total of 8 units each roll, 3 on each of 2 dozens (any 2 of the 3 dozens). Then place the remaining 2 units on non-overlapping corners within the remaining dozen. On a 00 board, there’s an 84.2% chance of hitting on any given round, netting +1 unit (there are 6 numbers not covered by the spread). However, on the remaining 15.6% of times a net -8 units is lost. This wipes out a good chunk of the slow +1 possible progressive winnings, and of course comes 3.1% more frequently than a fair 1/8.