More on what I’ve been up to recently

This is my now page, a quick peak into the more notable things I’ve been working on over the last few months or so. The last time I meaningfully updated this page (regardless of the modified metadatum at the top of this page) was 2020-10-10.

Currently I am

  • taking a semester off from school to do a research co-op at MIT Lincoln Lab. Here I’m focusing primarily on Simulation-based inference.
  • working on a number of personal projects, including
    • problib, an open source Python package for building multi-agent system simulations, along with a number of other probabilistic utilities. The library attempts to embrace generators at its core, making it easy to piece together many dynamic components and control the flow of the execution. This is still in a very early stage.
    • Panja, a static site generator that uses Pandoc and Jinja templates to create custom file conversion and processing pipelines. This is what I use to build my Markdown notes into the samgriesemer.com site. This is mostly for fun and the flexibility of building tools around one’s own pre-existing needs, so this is unlikely to be of particular use to others (for the time being).
    • Vim-roam, a Roam research-like plugin for Vim.
  • actively seeking graduate and/or industry research positions for next year, ideally revolving around my main Research interests.