Personal management system

Documentation on everything for my personal setup

Total goal: Centralize all personal system details on this page. This is for everything that’s specific to my system, not general like project pages or general discussion on Personal systems. Pull everything from the target pages below into this page as the canonical reference for all personal details on how I manage my system along with its structure. Additionally, delete any personal details from the other pages and move them here. Note: this is also an official project page, with TODOs and everything just like others.

To Think:

  • tags and tables, generating listings
    • When visiting a “tag page” (as a regular system page?), the backlinks for that page can have those pages that have used that tag all together at the top without blank lines in between them so they’re easy to see.
  • transclusion, referencing (and seeing) content from other files
  • With increased engagement with backlinks (along with transclusion of content), you can treat content across the system as more canonical. You can be sure to see what is where, and go directly to where that thing is and update it. This is the part I like, once it gets nailed down.
  • Main site is something like a dashboard, or like the Notion outlook. It’s missing TODOs, but it’s nice to get a glimpse of recent files across various systems.
    • Would be interesting if I could mix this in with my actual personal dashboard that pulls data, and have the ultimate little view of my world. Something to consider.

See also:

Target pages:

  • Notion PMS project page
  • Notion “Personal System” page
  • Notion META documentation
  • Sync PDF
  • Vim pages


  • Browser
  • Terminal: Terminator (Linux), Alacritty (MacOS)
  • Text editor
  • Cloud
  • etc





  1. Memory methods
    1. Method of loci
    2. Spaced repetition
  2. Writing techniques
    1. Zettelkasten
    2. Bullet journal
  3. Learning methods
    1. Feynman technique
  4. Template usage
  5. Note syntax
  6. Diagram creation
    1. Fact/brain teaser integration

Processes and pipelines

  • Connecting between machines
  • External Conversion
    • Pandoc PDF conversion
    • HTML site connection
  • Study process